Welcome to Season 5. We are honored that our first guest of this season is Lisa Sharon Harper. From Ferguson to New York, from Brazil to Germany, Lisa has led trainings and mobilized clergy and community leaders around shared values for the common good, with a focus on racial justice. She is the author of the book The Very Good Gospel, the Founder, and President of Freedom Road, and the host of the Freedom Road Podcast.  In this episode, Lisa describes her search for Shalom —Shalom being “what the kingdom of God smells like, looks like and what it requires of its citizens.” She and Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews are both Auburn Senior Fellows and their history stretches back a decade. The conversation moves from the redefining of Evangelicalism to the stories of their third great grandmothers, and then the divineness of Black women imagining Beloved Community. There is a lot of joy in their voices, but there’s also pain as our conversation veered into the hard topics of sexual violence, white supremacy, antisemitism, and homophobia. Listeners, be advised. Show Notes: Learn more about Freedom Road, https://freedomroad.us/



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