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The Senate’s arbiter ruled Sunday against including immigration reform through reconciliation

September 19, 2021
Alexa Lamanna | 202-320-2766 | 

WASHINGTON – In response to reports of the Senate parliamentarian’s ruling against the inclusion of a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants through the budget reconciliation process, immigrant advocates with the largest faith-based grassroots organizing network in the country are confidently staying the course in their push to win legalization for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status holders, farmworkers and essential workers. 

Leaders from Faith in Action, together with pro-immigration partners and advocates, are prepared to use all means at their disposal to deliver critical freedoms and long-overdue protections for millions in America’s immigrant communities.

Nanci Palacios, deputy director of Faith in Florida, a federation of Faith in Action, and DACA recipient, in a statement following the parliamentarian’s ruling, urged Congress to push forward to create a pathway to citizenship: 

“While the parliamentarian’s ruling is an initial set back at the very start of this process, our goal to ensure millions of our immigrant siblings are provided the dignity, freedoms and protections they have long deserved remains resolute. Our decades of organizing and advocating have brought us to this moment, and they have prepared us to not only persist, but grow stronger together.  

“Just like my fellow Dreamers who have been fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic, we are determined to keep fighting to ensure Congress recognizes the humanity of our communities. An overwhelming majority of Americans support a pathway to citizenship, and the economic benefits of creating a path to legalization are undeniable – creating thousands of jobs and raising wages for American workers across the country. 

“Congress must listen to their constituents and acknowledge the millions of people who have contributed to the fabric of our society for decades. Our elected officials have every reason to pass this legislation. We are undeterred, and we will not stop pushing until Congress no longer ignores the millions of undocumented immigrants who call America home.” 


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