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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 19, 2021
Contact: Heather Cabral | 202-550-6880 |

WASHINGTON – Leaders with the largest faith-based grassroots organizing network say the  Build Back Better Act falls short for immigrant communities. While many of the provisions will improve the quality of life in Black and Brown and communities across the country, leaders from Faith in Action are deeply disappointed that a pathway to citizenship was not included in the House version of the bill.

“The Build Back Better Act will surely improve the lives of many people by expanding access to education, healthcare and paid family leave that all parents not only deserve but desperately need to truly set their families up for long term health and success,” said the Rev. Alvin Herring, executive director of Faith in Action. “However, this nation still has a long way to go to truly make families whole, right the many wrongs of our torrid past that have marginalized and oppressed Black and Brown people, and in many ways, made family well-being an extreme challenge.”

“This bill is a historic investment in America’s future,” said Richard Morales, Faith in Action political director. “The passage of the Build Back Better Act in Congress was a result of countless advocacy meetings, organizing by local leaders and calls to Members of Congress.  While the bill will significantly improve many facets of an individual’s life, it falls short from providing a permanent pathway to citizenship. Failure to address a pathway to citizenship in the Build Back Better Act perpetuates the anxiety and instability that the undocumented community has felt. Our community is prepared to continue organizing, fighting and pressuring Congress to deliver citizenship for millions of our families and neighbors.” 

“The House had the opportunity to deliver a robust pathway to citizenship for our families and failed to do so. Democrats have an obligation to seize this opportunity and fix this in the Senate,” said Nanci Palacios, DACA recipient and deputy director of Faith in Florida. “Our communities and families need permanent immigration relief in the form of citizenship. Parole is not enough, our communities deserve better. Senate Democrats have the power to utilize their majority to advance this need. We will continue to advocate and fight for this as if our lives depend on it – because they do.”




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