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For Immediate Release: April 20, 2021

Contact: Heather Cabral,, 202-550-6880 

Leaders with Faith in Action outline continued work in struggle for racial justice

WASHINGTON — The guilty verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is a sigh of relief for Black and brown people across the nation, but significant work is still to be done in the struggle for civil rights, say Black and Brown faith leaders and advocates from Faith in Action

For Faith in Action, this moment is bigger than just the trial of Derek Chauvin, but it is reflective of generations of injustice and systems designed to oppress the least of these. Faith in Action’s clergy and organizers respond to the outcome of the Chauvin trial in the following statements: 

Rev. Alvin Herring, executive director, Faith in Action: “Justice and democracy were on trial today. While this is victory, it is not justice. It doesn’t bring George Floyd back. This trial has forced Black people to carry the burden of a country coming apart, a country that has fueled its justice system with racism and hatred. Perhaps this is a moment where we can pivot as a nation and create policing systems that don’t lead with militarization but instead lead with love, that truly protect and serve. Today we called on God who is merciful, just and loving to guide our pursuit for the truth and help us and all others who are seeking what is moral, right and just in this moment.”

Donald Crumbley, leader and board member, ISAIAH, Faith in Minnesota: “Tragically, George Floyd’s murder is one of many. But this time, it stood out to the world where people said ‘enough is enough.’ This is why we have to change the Minneapolis City Charter to hold police accountable and create a city where all of us are safe. We have to continue to organize and galvanize our friends, families, and neighbors, because we’ve still got a lot of work to do to end police brutality in our communities.”

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