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Vision Statement
The Black Southern Women’s Collaborative is a soft place (a place of full belonging) for Executive Directors’ labor, leadership, brilliance, and fullness as human beings to be centered, honored, and invested. To create a soft place is to create a space where Black women are protected, vulnerable, and can be our true authentic selves.  

Mission Statement
The mission of the Black Southern Women’s Collaborative is a commitment to enhance and empower Southern Black life, particularly Black women no matter their status, occupation, sexuality, spirituality or color, by holding regional space to strategize, train and fundraise for the sustainability of our organizations, which also serve as political homes for our people.

Therefore, we value: 

  1. Honoring the trusted voices of Black women and our own that manifest what we need for the journey of liberation (power, training, strategy, healing, rest, etc.). 
  2. Liberation & Power: Although we are fighting for power and the liberation for and with our people, sometimes we are in conflict with our soft place, which is necessary for black women liberation and power. 
  3. Belonging: A deep acceptance, seeing, and witnessing of one another.  
  4. Direct Support To Our Community: We prioritize being in and promoting community and providing direct resources, which is often necessary.   
  5. Rest: We honor, sanction, and prioritize rest for ourselves and our community.  
  6. Power in Collective and Cohesive Power: The sacredness of coming together to build and enhance the power in the South is indeed holy.   
  7. The Mindset of Abundance: The very nature of a Black woman is a spirit and mindset that there is enough money, skills, brilliance, resources, etc., to make our communities whole. It’s just been stolen.

Black Southern Women’s Collaborative Members
The members of the Black Southern Women’s Collaborative include Phyllis Hill, Kendra Davenport Cotton, Tameka D. Greer, Ashley Shelton, and Pastor Rhonda Thomas. Read their full bios here.



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